Bridget Kimker


Ken Loh

Bridget Kimker and Ken Loh

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The Proposal

It was an unusually cool and rainy day in the Bay Area, and Bridget's mom and sister were in town visiting Bridget and Ken for the Memorial weekend. They planned a day trip to Napa for the wine and of course, the food. Bridget took care of dinner plans while Ken was in charge of scheduling the wine tasting. Ken reminded Bridget to dress nice for the surprise winery that would be their first stop, but because of the weather, she dressed in jeans and left the house with wet hair right out of the shower. After the drive to Napa, they arrived at the first location, Peju Province Winery. They were greeted and escorted to a table to start the tasting which Ken assured Bridget would include lunch. The tasting went as they usually go (other than a hungry Bridget signaling Ken wondering where the food was), until the end, when a Peju host stopped by the table and asked if anyone would like a tour of the winery. Ken took Bridget's hand to start the tour, while Julie and Molly seemed fine to continue the tasting without a tour, which was slightly suspicious. After a few quick stops on the tour, Bridget and Ken were led to a room with a closed door. As the host opened the door and ushered Bridget and Ken in, Bridget was shocked to see candles, flowers, photos of her and Ken and her friends and family, a live musician, and a beautifully decorated table set for 4. Ken got down on one knee and proposed. Bridget, too shocked to even scream or cry, accepted, although later didn't remember if she actually spoke the word yes (Ken confirmed she did) and Julie and Molly joined the two for a celebratory 3-course lunch accompanied by more delicious wine!
Carolyn Nicks